NXT Jacksonville FL, live results: Tye Dillinger & Manny Andrade team up

Image & results courtesy of Katie Latronico who estimates a crowd in the 200 range

– Dan Matha beat Patrick Clarke

First match of the night was Tough Enough contestant Patrick Clarke still using his new heel gimmick, wearing very patriotic pants with his face on them, and a Donald Trump “Make America Great Again” t-shirt. He was against Matha, a genetic freak of nature that looks a lot like Mr. Clean. It was a fun match that Matha won with a pretty sweet finisher, which looks like a pop up stunner set up after a chokeslam. 

– Carmella and Daria beat Mandy Rose and Peyton Royce

Carmella teamed up with former Tough Enough contestant Daria “The Jersey Devil” Berenato against the team of Tough enough runner-up Rose and Royce. Carmella and Daria won with Daria looking really good. Carmella ended the match having Mandy tap out.

– Jeet Rama (Satender Dagar) beat Chris Girard

Rama, one of the Indian signees, came out to hardly any reaction, but quickly won the crowd over. Girard is a great heel, very erratic and aggressive. Jeet won with a roll-up after Girard worked on his leg for awhile; he celebrated while still selling the leg, and danced a bit with Jacksonville’s favorite referee, Drake Wuertz.

– Hugo Knox beat Angelo Dawkins

This was a very fun match with Knox picking up the win. Dawkins has really seemed to get his “two headbands” thing over, or at least, it seems in Jacksonville. Knox cut a promo at the end, which seemed to be something along the lines of him being “liquid money” and “a cover model”, but unfortunately, his accent made it hard to understand with him being post-match out of breath and speaking very fast. Got lots of “WHAT?!” chants as a result.

– Adrienne Reese beat Nicola Glencross

After intermission, we saw Reese vs. the former Nikki Storm, which was a spectacular match. The crowd was really into it, and both girls worked very well with one another. Nikki came out and immediately got heat by screaming at everyone that Jacksonville sucked and Scotland was better. She’s extremely aggressive and working the “crazy heel” angle seems to really work with her. Adrienne picked up the win with her finisher.

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– Manny Andrade beat Alexander Wolfe via DQ

The next match was supposed to Andrade vs. Wolfe with his tag team partner Fulton in his corner. Wolfe and Fulton have this new Mad Max type of look that really works for them. The singles match was a good one until Sawyer ran in and clotheslined Manny, which led to him and Wolfe beating him down, and Tye Dillinger running in to make the save. That led to…

– Tye Dillinger and Manny Andrade beat Sawyer Fulton and Alexander Wolfe

Fun match that was mostly Sawyer and Wolfe, who work very well together, beating down Tye. Eventually, Tye and Manny turned it around for the win. The winning team celebrated in the ring and then outside greeting the fans around ringside before the show ended.

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