Note on RAW Viewership, WWE Signing Wrestlers To Long Term Deals

With RAW’s viewership trending downwards over the past few weeks, things are not expected to get better anytime soon with both The NFL’s Monday Night Football and The MLB Playoffs in full swing. Normally, a post-PPV RAW gets a bit of an uptick in viewership, but with Game 3 of The Red Sox-Yankees Series and a football game taking place during the same time frame, look for tonight’s RAW to be the least watched episode in two decades and perhaps the lowest ever. SmackDown Live tomorrow night won’t have a football game to contend with but Game 4 of The MLB Series will run head-to-head.
WWE will continue to try and lock up many of its talent to long-term deals of at least 2 years as per a source within the company. Not only do they have the ability to open their wallet to offer wrestlers the very best deal financially, but the company reportedly wants to lock in talents into multi-year contracts at the current market rate rather than having deals up for renewal in 2020 and beyond when the company will have way more cash on hand.

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