News on WWE Feeling Confident About Enzo/Cass Segment to End Raw, more

— Many have questioned why WWE went with the triple threat match to end the second hour and end the show with Big Cass, Big Show and Enzo. According to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, Enzo and Cass normally draw good quarter hour ratings and so the company likely felt comfortable putting them there without feeling like it would adversely affect the rating.

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— Another reason could be because WWE knows that people tune out by the end of the show and they moved the Reigns/Strowman/Joe match up in order to get the most possible people to watch it.

— As the numbers revealed, the decision was a good one as Raw scored the best viewership ratings since the April Superstar Shakeup, while seeing the second hour increase and the third hour still staying above three million.

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