News on When WWE May Book The Shield’s First Match Back Together

The Shield is one of the best factions in WWE history and The Whole WWE Universe was excited to see The Shield reunite and to compete in their first match since getting back together in over three years. Unfortunately, Roman Reigns suffered an illness which took him out of action and having him replaced by Kurt Angle. Because of this, we were not able to see the most-awaited return of the reunited Shield in action. 
With Roman Reigns out of action and having missed the TLC PPV, one of the main problems WWE is facing is when to have The Shield’s first match back together. Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose are already booked for Survivor Series against The Usos and it was previously reported that Roman Reigns could make a return in time for Survivor Series and end up as The Team Captain for The Men’s Survivor Series Raw Team. 
The next PPV where the Raw brand will be participating is not until next year’s Royal Rumble and the feeling is that it will be impossible to push back their first match together until then. It is more likely that they will wrestle together on Raw with a short build or possibly even at house shows since the advertised main event in the coming weeks is The Shield vs. Miz, Cesaro & Sheamus.

As far as Roman Reigns’ recovery is concerned, he is still scheduled to be re-evaluated on October 30 and the feeling is that this is not an illness that will sideline him for much longer than a few weeks.
Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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