News on Opponents for Roman Reigns When He Wins the WWE Universal Title

— In a follow-up to a previous headline about the possibility of Roman Reigns turning heel, Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio noted that the best people to pair Reigns up with if he turns heel is Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles. He added that Bryan and Styles are actually two wrestlers that Reigns wants to work with, however, the logistics would need to be worked out as they are on different brands.

— Another reason to turn Reigns heel is that generally speaking, WWE is lacking on top heels as they have only Samoa Joe, who is also on Smackdown and is supposed to only work the one match with Reigns at Backlash, and on Raw, there is Kevin Owens, Baron Corbin, Elias and eventually Drew McIntyre. Meltzer mentioned that if/when Reigns wins the title, Corbin is likely the guy WWE is going to earmark as being one of Roman’s first opponents.

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