More Conflicting Reports For A Tag Team MITB Ladder Match

As previously reported, there have been numerous rumors suggesting that WWE will be having a third MITB Ladder Match which will be featuring tag teams from both RAW & SmackDown Live. There have also been rumors suggesting that WWE does not have plans for such a match so that means that there won’t be any match of that sort taking place on the upcoming PPV. There has been conflicting reports on this matter as according to Bryan Alvarez on Wrestling Observer Live, WWE is indeed planning a tag team Money in the Bank Match but have held off on announcing it because there is so much time (nearly six weeks) until the PPV takes place.
Alvarez also indicates that the original plan was for Kurt Angle to announce all three MITB matches to open RAW but that idea was scrapped since they didn’t want to reveal everything so far in advance. Promos were also generally not re-written which would explain why some of the tag teams strangely spoke of the MITB match despite no announcement being made.

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