More Backstage News on Decision to Put Sasha/Charlotte as the HIAC Main Event

– As reported over the past few weeks, there was much internal debate on whether to have the Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte Hell in a Cell match last on the PPV. The creative team and Triple H were supportive of holding the match last, whereas Vince McMahon was against it. As it turns out, Vince reportedly only gave in the night before the PPV.

– It remains to be seen what Vince’s reaction will be coming out of the PPV. By most accounts, the audience left the PPV on a low – either quiet or unhappy – and so most believe Vince will either become convinced that his initial instincts were correct or he’ll just chalk it a decision that was made and to continue to trust those who ended up convincing him.

– Ultimately, the end result will only be evident depending on how quickly WWE decides to have another women’s match in a PPV main event position.

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