MMA vs. WWE Horsewomen Feud Reportedly Dead

Reports are circulating that The potential program between the Four Horsewomen of MMA and the Four Horsewomen of WWE has been put to a halt. Reports say that the potential feud that had been teased, mostly during the Mae Young Classic, was ended by Vince McMahon himself.
The stated reason why is that the WWE hasn’t been in talks with Ronda Rousey recently. Adding to this the report also states that Shayna Baszler doesn’t have a deal with the company either. Without their involvement, the program wouldn’t have much of an impact.
Also, by coincidence or otherwise, a report has come out saying that the original plans for the MYC were to have Kairi Sane defeat Toni Storm in the finals, but that match was moved to the semifinals instead so that they could push the potential Four Horsewomen feud instead.

While reports like these should usually be taken with a grain of salt, it was apparent during the tournament that WWE producers spent a lot of time focusing on Rousey during Baszler’s matches. Besides having both groups appear at ringside during various matches, they also had the 8 women confront each other backstage to build up a potential feud as well. With the deal reportedly dead, it would show some real short sidedness from the company in building up to something that was never going to happen. If it is true that Baszler doesn’t have a deal with the company, once again it would make the WWE look foolish in pushing a talent so hard that is not going to appear with the company. If you remember back during the Cruiserweight Classic tournament, Both Zach Sabre Jr. and Kota Ibushi were pushed as the top two competitors, only for both of them to turn down WWE deals and lose in the semifinals.
We will have to see if the reports have any truth to them and if the WWE can learn from the mistake,


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