Mistico News: New Mask, What "Sin Cara" Means, Which Brand He'll Be On & More

As reported yesterday, WWE held a press conference in Mexico City to announce the signing of lucha libre sensation Mistico, now known as Sin Cara.

When introduced at the press conference, Sin Cara came out wearing a Mistico-style mask, only to remove that and reveal his new WWE mask. Sin Cara reportedly means “Faceless.”

Sin Cara spoke at the press conference and said he doesn’t know whether he’ll be performing on RAW or SmackDown, but said he is ready to go whenever WWE needs him and is proud to have finally made it to the greatest wrestling promotion in the world.

Mistico’s signing with WWE is being covered my all the media in Mexico as it’s considered a big deal.

It’s worth noting that lucha libre journalist Kris Zellner expects Cara to end up on the SmackDown brand with Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio.

* Pictures of Sin Cara (Mistico) UNMASKED

(Follow Sin Cara at FAcebook.com/SinCaraWWE)

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