Melina Posts Video In Response To Gail Kim Calling Her 'Emotionally Unstable'

Melina posted a bizarre video message this morning in response to Gail Kim writing on Twitter that she’s ’emotionally unstable’.

Kim wrote, “Good a good nights sleep and a direct flight.:) and I’m NOT a horrible friend! @realmelina is emotionally unstable!”

Melina says in the video message, “Just came back from doing my last workout before I do the tour off to Asia and I read the tweet that Gail said I was emotionally unstable.

“Gail, I may be that, but at least I’m not a horrible friend! Like you. And believe me, after these two weeks in Asia, if you thought I was crazy before, I’m going to be that much crazier when I get back.” She then says “love you” and blows a kiss goodbye.

The video also features enclosed captions reading “Kung fu time, SKANK!!!” and “B!otch No You Didn’t!!”

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