Matt Hardy Pulled From WWE Appearance, Wrestlicious Champion Slams NXT, More

— MVP has replaced Matt Hardy as being advertised for an appearance at the Dallas State Fair on Saturday, October 2.

— Inaugural and reigning Wrestlicious Champion Glory (a/k/a Christie Ricci) posted the following message on her Facebook account after watching prospective WWE Diva AJ’s match on Tuesday’s episode of NXT:

“I just saw a match on NXT. Obviously these girls are not trained! This girl, “AJ” went from a total dead sell to getting up, flipping her hair and beating the crap out of a dude! BRILLIANT! I have a good idea, WWE! Why don’t you get Orton to sh*t in a bag, then through it in the ring… at least that would be interesting and more realistic. And just think.. next year this girl will be PWI’s top wrestler!!!”

— The latest “Shootin’ Straight with Joey Styles” NXT chat can be read here.

See *BIG GUT* photo of Matt Hardy ->

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