Maria Sharapova reveals what she would have been without tennis

What would have been if she wasnt a tennis player? The Russian answered this question in a press conference earlier this year. Uhm, probably somewhere in architecture. Yeah, somewhere in modern architecture or design, said Sharapova.

Asked if she has studied at school those skills, Sharapova replied: Havent really had time. But ever since I was young I loved architecture, different types of buildings. I love the creative aspect of many things, the sketches, seeing it build up from a sketch to a real thing.

That always fascinates me. Where are her five Grand Slam trophies? There is like a dining room table and like a cabinet thats glass, so you can see it if you sit at the dining room table. But its one of those places that is more like for view.

Yeah, its a formal living room, dining room table that — yea, I just, I dont know. I was never like a souvenir type of person. You know, when people come to the house, of course, I show them my trophies. I mean, like I dont hide them.

I dont have like pictures of me. You dont see a picture of me with a Grand Slam trophy. Sharapova had a disappointing 2018 season, where she had targeted as a goal to win a Grand Slam title for the first time since the 2014 French Open.

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