Linda McMahon Talks About Lessons She Has Learned In Business From WWE

Longtime former WWE CEO and the current Small Business Administration Administrator Linda McMahon recently spoke with The Washington Post for an interview. Below are some of the highlights.

On what she learned in business from WWE that prepared her for her current role in the political arena: “When WWE started, it was primarily the live event business and we expanded it to licensing, to music to publishing to pay-per view and to networks. I created and grew a business. I understand what businesses go through, the ups and downs, the good cycles and the bad cycles. I learned about strict cash management, the impact of regulations and the need for providing health-care insurance to employees. I have walked the walk and talked the talk of our small business communities, so I can really be a strong advocate on their behalf.”

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On if there have been any leadership role models who have influenced her: “It basically has comes down to two people. One’s called trial and the other one is called error, and honestly those are the two factors that I think that really shaped my leadership growth.”

On what people might be surprised to know about her: “I am the most comfortable in my sweats hanging out with my family and I am a jock. I was a real tomboy growing up. I played baseball with boys. I was singled out as the best athlete in school for the 8th grade, so I thought that was pretty cool.”

On what her favorite sport is, and if it’s pro wrestling: “Well, professional wrestling is an entertainment product. For pure sport as a spectator, I like the pace of basketball.”

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