Lesnar Advertised for Post-SummerSlam Raw; Backstage News on WWE's Plans

— Brock Lesnar is being heavily advertised for the Raw after SummerSlam at the Barclays Center, pretty much as the “key player” on that card. He is under contract to WWE until the end of August so it’s possible SummerSlam and the post-PPV Raw will be his final two events before he heads to the UFC again.

— Meanwhile, Vince McMahon remains adamant in creating a story that Lesnar has walked out, has turned his back on WWE fans and is headed to UFC. He’s also trying to push the message that Brock isn’t coming back to drop the title and thus, is holding up the Universal title picture. Of course, the main purpose of all this appears to be to create a storyline for Roman Reigns to be cheered in New York.

— At this week’s Raw, McMahon told everyone in the pre-production meeting before the show that the focus should be on building Extreme Rules – a PPV that Brock Lesnar is not wrestling on – and thus, his name was not to be mentioned. McMahon apparently said that they will start referencing Lesnar again “when he’s being offered to our audience and we can capitalize on it.”

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