Latest On Big Show's Return To WWE, Developmental Wrestler In Limbo, DX HD

sources:, Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— Big Show should be back in a WWE ring by the end of the month. Latest plans don’t have him debuting at the Royal Rumble because he’s definitely not winning it and he’ll come across as just one of 30 guys.

— Developmental wrestler Chett the Jet is in limbo. They wanted to call him up to the main roster and have him do a gimmick remake of the “Polish Power” Ivan Putski, but Johnny Ace found out that he couldn’t speak Polish, so the idea was dropped. Now he’s not wrestling for OVW nor FCW, though he’s still under contract.

— has posted a video of DX giving their thoughts on WWE’s move to HD next week. They talk about how everything is going to appear much clearer in HD. They joke around and reference Snitsky & tanlines. The video closes with Triple H joking about HBK’s receding hairline after he can’t help but stare at it when Michaels briefly takes off his hat. If you want to see how that play outs, you can see the video at this link.

See CLOSE-UP SHOTS of Snitsky’s EXTREME bacne (>>)

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