Lashley Pulled From Indy Appearances After TNA Raises His Appearance Fee

TNA has taken control of Bobby Lashley’s independent bookings, and it may have resulted in at least one cancellation.

Lashley has reportedly been pulled from an upcoming tournament promoted by Lucha Libre Elite in Mexico. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that TNA’s new deal with Lashley gives them control of his bookings, and they’ve raised his price. TNA is reportedly now charging $6,000 USD to book Lashley, which is a lot higher than what Lashley was charging before.

Lashley still gets paid the full amount in his TNA contract whether his appearances are cancelled or not. He’s reportedly lost at least two more bookings since TNA took over the duties and raised his fee.

TNA’s business model here is to offer talent a higher dollar amount on their contracts, then make it back by booking the talent out to independent promotions. In the case of new TNA signee Moose for example, TNA is expected to book him for 110 non-TNA dates over the next year.

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