Kurt Angle to Wrestling after Mania, Update on Erick Rowan

Kurt Angle to Wrestle in the WWE After Wrestlemania?
Kurt Angle recently sat down with Forbes for an exclusive interview, where he revealed his thoughts on being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame and possibly wrestling in the company once again;
“I wouldn’t be surprised if I do a few more matches somewhere down the line, but they haven’t talked about it so it’s not official. This Hall of Fame thing is just the beginning, so let’s see how it goes and we’ll go from there.” 

Angle would then talk about who he’d like to compete, if given the opportunity to compete inside of a ring again for WWE. 
“I’ve had my best matches with AJ [Styles] and [Samoa] Joe, so it’d be nice to do it on a bigger platform in the WWE so we’ll see what happens.” 
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Update on Erick Rowan’s WWE Status
As previously reported, Erick Rown suffered a rotator cuff injury last year and following rehab and training at the Performance Center, is said to be nearly ready to return to the squared circle.
Rowan was sidelined having sustained the injury while working a Live Event in October. With Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton rumoured to be set to clash at Wrestlemania, now may be the ideal time for Rowan to return.


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