JR Speaks On Potential WWE Announcer Changes, Banned Moves, More

– Jim Ross has posted another edition of his blog on his official website. Below are two things in particular that I found newsworthy.

Concerning a potential shakeup of announce teams:

JR writes, “I don’t expect any of the announce teams to be changed, but then again no one has told me that they won’t. I hope that King and I stay together and my instincts tell me that we will. Call it “wishful thinking” or whatever, but I don’t see J.R. and The King going our separate ways and that goes for the other teams, too. But matters such as this are one of the reasons the draft can be so entertaining and unpredictable. I hope you tune in Monday night and then on Tuesday morning, if not before, let the second guessing begin!”

Regarding recent “banned moves” in WWE:

Ross comments, “Some have asked about “banned moves” in the WWE. I have yet to see an official list of what is or isn’t allowed, but I can assure you that moves that may be banned are done so with the wrestler’s safety in mind. Some high risk maneuvers are safer to execute than others even though all flying, high risk moves provide no guarantee of safety to the participants. I think it is wise to eliminate the maneuvers that hold the highest risk of serious injury. Old time wrestlers will opine that young wrestlers who rely almost exclusively on high risk maneuvers simply can’t wrestle. I don’t know if I would be so bold to say that, but the art of mat wrestling and hold knowledge is very important, in my opinion, for any wrestler to learn, and to thoroughly understand first before “graduating” to the high flying stuff as a viable compliment to basic, fundamental mat wrestling and the utilization of holds. Do high risk maneuvers have a place in today’s business? Absolutely. However, common sense and logic must be factored into any decision to use these moves. As the bar seemingly continues to be raised as it relates to high risk offensive maneuvers, we are likely to see more injuries and see beginning wrestlers not learn the art of wrestling but focus more on the art of crashing and burning which will lead to shortened careers. Don’t get me wrong, I like to see high risk moves as well as the next guy, but I also understand that these moves, when missed by “this much” can lead to serious injuries which any company should want to avoid.”

Click here to read JR’s blog in its entirety which features comments on this Monday’s draft, the King wrestling, and more.

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