John Cena Talks About His Next Movie Project & Retirement

John Cena, whose new film “12 Rounds” opens today in theaters, could miss several months of action this summer to film yet another action movie for WWE Studios.

In an interview with, Cena said “If everything goes well, we should be shooting from July to September. It’s in pre-production. It’s another action movie. If it comes back all right, there will not be a girl in jeopardy.” For those wondering what the “girl in jeopardy” comment is about, Cena has been criticized because his last two films “The Marine” and now “12 Rounds” feature very similar plots in which Cena fights the bad guys who have taken his woman.

Cena also addressed concerns that he’ll pull a Dwayne Johnson and leave the wrestling industry if his movie career takes off.
“They should all worry because of what people before me have done. I can say it until I’m blue in the face that I’m not going anywhere; I’ll still be on Monday Night Raw. As much as I say it, everyone will worry. I will be the first to be successful on the big screen and keep my dedication to the loyal fans of WWE.”

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