John Cena On a Possible Rock vs Hogan Rematch (Video), Former Stars Drop Royalties Lawsuit Against WWE

Former WWE stars Buff Bagwell and Raven, real names Marcus Bagwell and Scott Levy, respectively, have been involved in a lawsuit against WWE claiming royalties owed to them by the company due to content which airs on WWE Network.

According to, the lawsuit has been dropped by the United States District Court of Connecticut. The report adds there was no settlement as part of the dismissal, and at no time was WWE willing to settle with either Bagwell or Levy. The two ex-WWE stars reportedly dropped the lawsuit after being deposed, and agreed not to bring any further litigation against WWE.

The PWInsider report notes the Levy and Bagwell vs WWE case is significant, as it might prevent other former wrestlers, who might have worked for WWE, WCW, ECW or any other company whose content is now owned by WWE, from suing the company over royalties.

John Cena On a Possible Rock vs Hogan Rematch

WWE star John Cena recently spoke with FOX 5, and during the interview, Cena was asked about the possible Rock vs Hulk Hogan rematch which the two stars have been teasing on social media as of late.

On the possibility of the match, Cena responded by saying, “my thoughts are the age-old adage that is WWE: Never say never.” You can watch the entire interview below:

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