John "Bradshaw" Layfield Calls Vince Russo A Clown, Launches YouTube Channel

John “Bradshaw” Layfield posted a blog on his Facebook which concludes with the former WWE Champion comparing Vince Russo to a clown not good enough to work for Ringling Brothers Circle, thus explaining why he’s still involved with the wrestling industry.

He wrote: “For those that have said they would like JR and I to do commentary together, thanks but probably will never happen-though I would love it. You never know, but I am happy living in Bermuda and JR is happy living in Oklahoma not traveling. However, it has never been brought up so the option isn’t there.

“And, for JR-greatest play by play guy ever (though I have a ton of respect for Michael Cole, working with him I realize how good he is) and myself who had a decent run as a commentator. Makes you wonder why Vince Russo, former WWE creative, would say about those with a southern accent, and specifically about JR-“How can anyone take anything they say seriously with that accent?”.

“I actually was told to try and talk without a southern accent by Russo so I could be taken seriously. I guess Stone Cold was never taken seriously and JR was just average? Amazing guys who stay in this business year after year, maybe another example of a clown not good enough for Ringling Bros?”

JBL has also launched a YouTube channel.

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