Jinder Mahal Set To Join Raw Brand For Upcoming India Tour

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

In December, the WWE Raw brand will head to India, and they’ll be joined by SmackDown Live’s Jinder Mahal, who is still the WWE Champion.

On Sunday’s Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer talked WWE choosing to send the Raw crew to India instead of the SmackDown crew.

“It’s so weird, after all this they send the Raw crew and not the SmackDown crew,” Meltzer said. “They’re not sending the bigger stars on Raw, it’s Jinder and Roman Reigns. There’s no Cena, no Brock Lesnar. So, it isn’t necessarily bigger stars.”

And when asked who Jinder will face on the India tour, Meltzer said that he’ll likely end up facing Roman Reigns.

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