Jason Jordan's Wrestling Future; Foley Hopes to Get Involved in HIAC Match

— According to Mike Johnson of pwinsider.com, Jason Jordan’s in-ring future is up in the air as there continues to be no timetable for his return to action. Jordan was initially expected back soon after WrestleMania but his return was then pushed back to July after WWE doctors never cleared him. As of this time, they still haven’t given him the go-head and there are very real doubts on if he will ever be able to wrestle for WWE again as his neck injury and recovery have turned out way worse than anyone imagined. As noted before, the company has Jordan in a backstage role at the moment, assisting with production.

— Speaking to Busted Open Radio ahead of his participation in the WWE Universal title Hell in a Cell match between Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman, Mick Foley conceded that once the match begins, the focus will be on the wrestlers but that he still hopes to be involved in the match some way. There have been conflicting reports on the amount of physicality Foley will be going through at Hell in a Cell, with one report suggesting that WWE is planning for him to take at least one big bump, while another report that is circulating states that WWE officials do not want him taking any such risk. Foley’s comments seem to hint that he will be doing something beyond just being a referee and physically he appears to be ready to do it.

— Foley also gave some insight into how his inclusion into the match came about, revealing that he was first asked to appear at WWE Raw’s 25th Anniversary show but that he declined that and proposed for them to wait until September for something bigger at Hell in a Cell, which is the 20th anniversary of his famous match against the Undertaker.

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