Immigrant Child In Detention Dies At Hospital: CBP

An 8-year-old Guatemalan boy in Customs and Border Patrol custody in New Mexico became ill and died shortly after midnight on Christmas Day, according to a CBP news release.

The CBP said in the news release that an agent noticed the boy was showing signs of potential illness on Dec. 24. He was taken to Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center along with his father.

According to the CBP, the boy was diagnosed with a common cold and when evaluated for release, hospital staff found that he had a fever. The boy was held for observation for another 90 minutes and then release mid-afternoon on Monday with a prescription for amoxicillin and ibuprofen.

The CBP said that in the evening, the boy has nausea and was vomiting. He was sent back to the hospital where he passed away shortly after midnight.

The boy’s official cause of death is not known. The CBP said a review will be conducted and all appropritate authorities have been notified.

It’s the second death of an immigrant child in detention this month.

A 7-year-old Guatemalan girl died earlier this month after being apprehended by border agents. The body of the girl, Jakelin Caal, was returned to her family’s remote village Monday.

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Reporting and writing from The Associated Press was used in this story.

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