Ilja Dragunov set for no DQ match on next week's NXT UK

A no disqualification match will air on NXT UK next week.

WWE has announced that Ilja Dragunov will face Sam Gradwell on NXT UK next Thursday (March 25). Due to the start of daylight savings time affecting the time difference between the United States and United Kingdom, theĀ episode has a special start time of 4 p.m. Eastern time in the US.

Since unsuccessfully challenging for WALTER’s NXT United Kingdom Championship last year, Dragunov has been involved in a storyline where he’s been trying to rebuild himself but has been snapping during his matches. Gradwell has been provoking Dragunov along the way.

Dragunov defeated Gradwell by referee stoppage on NXT UK two weeks ago. Dragunov snapped and continued pummeling Gradwell with strikes after the referee called for the bell. When Dragunov continued to snap and almost attacked a referee, Gradwell laughed at Dragunov and taunted him.

There was a backstage segment on today’s NXT UK episode where Dragunov requested time to speak. Dragunov apologized for his recent actions and said that’s not who he is. Gradwell said Dragunov has been losing his cool like a big, unruly baboon. Gradwell listed all of the types of matches he could defeat Dragunov in. When Gradwell said no DQ match, Dragunov said that’s fine for him.

Also on today’s NXT UK, it was said that Pretty Deadly (Sam Stoker & Lewis Howley) will defend their NXT UK Tag Team titles against Kenny Williams & Amir Jordan on the NXT UK episode that airs in two weeks (Thursday, April 1). This will be Pretty Deadly’s first title defense since becoming NXT UK Tag Team Champions by defeating Gallus (Mark Coffey & Wolfgang) three weeks ago.

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