‘I always have low expectations’ – Hamilton

The remark by someone fueled by such an immense ambition may come as a surprise, but Lewis Hamilton just applies the ‘low-expectancy’ motto to avoid bitter disappointment.

Hamilton launched his Belgian Grand Prix from the tail end of the grid on Sunday, and put in a solid performance, perhaps a tad helped by circumstance, to race all the way up to the podium.

Despite his ever-present competitive spirit, the Mercedes driver often reins in expectations when confronted with a challenge while always giving it his best.

“Generally, I don’t try to have any expectations,” Hamilton said after his impressive result at Spa.

“So every time we come to a race, people are like: ‘What do you expect?’ and honestly I try not to have expectations because then you are inevitably disappointed.

“We prepared ourselves in a way that we hoped we would get some points, but I was like I might not finish today.

“I was really undermined, but felt whatever happened today, it is what it is, and from the next race I have got the same amount of engines – well more than others now – and I can fight in the last eight races.

“So, to come out with a clean race like I did and only lose ten points and have three new engines, that is a super bonus today.”

Asked whether lowering his prospects was a new mental approach to racing, Hamilton said it wasn’t.

“I don’t think so. I think I have always been like that… as far as I can remember I have always been like that, not expecting too much.

“It is like Christmas day, I never expect anything, and then when you find out you have got some gifts from some nice people, people that love you, it is a surprise.

“If you go into Christmas day expecting stuff then at some stage you are going to be disappointed you got shoe laces instead of a car. So, that’s just how I am.”

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