Hulk Hogan Praises NXT Champions, Jim Ross Talks Roman Reigns' Push

– Hulk Hogan endorsed NXT Champions Kevin Owens and Sasha Banks in a new tweet posted on his official Twitter page. “The Hulkster” tweeted the following this weekend.

– Below are additional highlights from the latest Jim Ross blog:

“For those looking at the build to this WrestleMania as being not to their personal liking because of not enough hype and a lack of momentum in their eyes, I equate it to the Super Bowl. This year in the Super Bowl I did not have a horse in the race so I did not have an emotional investment to a high degree but I still watched the game with interest simply because I’m a NFL fan and it was, after all, the Super Bowl. Could that analogy apply to WrestleMania as it currently stands? I’m not jacked to the max today about WM31 but I promise you that I will be come that weekend and wouldn’t miss watching the show on the WWE Network for anything. Why? Because I’m still a true, wrestling fan. Let the show happen and then judge it as you choose.”

“Continue to get feedback from fans on Twitter or here at our Q&A’s that Roman Reigns “isn’t ready.” How many of you think that JYD was “ready” when Bill Watts made him the top star in Mid South Wrestling back in the day? Simply ask some of Dog’s opponents. But Dog had much of what many feel that Roman Reigns does. “Charisma” and a marketable look. Time will tell on that one but I say put Roman in the game and let’s see what’s in his heart when he knows he’s being relied on to pull the wagon. I’d enjoy seeing Reigns and Heyman put the screws to Brock this Monday in Pittsburgh on RAW whereby Lesnar goes into the main event at WM31 as a fan favorite defending his title against a stacked deck w/ Heyman ‘making’ a couple of villains by enlisting their help as “backup.” Just an idea much like Fantasy Football from my friends a @DraftKings.”

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