HBK Sign Confiscated At No Mercy, Ricky Ortiz, Big Show Video Online, Trail Blazers

— A fan that brought a sign on Shawn Michaels at No Mercy last night (Has Been Kid) had it confiscated by the guy sitting by the announcers tables wearing a headset. The sign was confiscated right after the entrances for the main event match. The guy on the headset is generally responsible for plucking away signs that building security will overlook and/or not “get.”

— Over the weekend, USA Network ran a commercial hyping ECW star Ricky Ortiz and this week’s edition of ECW on Sci Fi. The commercial will likely air during Raw tonight. The commercial concluded with the narrator saying “Catch the wave on an all-new ECW.” In recent weeks they’ve been doing commercials hyping individual ECW stars including Matt Hardy, Mark Henry, Finlay and Evan Bourne, so it looks like WWE now perceives Ortiz to be on that upper-tier level.

— In case you missed it, you can see Big Show’s appearance on G4’s Attack of the Show last Thursday night at the link.

— Portland Trail Blazers Channing Frye and Jerryd Bayless were in attendance at the Rose Garden Arena for last night’s No Mercy pay-per-view. You can read an article on their appearance at this link.

Click here to see photo with HBK’s bald spot showing!

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