Hamilton wins over last doubters

Slowly but surely, Lewis Hamilton has proven wrong those who believed his glitzy and glamorous lifestyle away from racing would have a bearing on his driving and performance this year.

Earlier in the season, and indeed even last year, many were those who thought that the Mercedes driver’s incessant travels and party lifestyle would sooner or later take its toll on his performance or commitment.

The argument became more widespread as Nico Rosberg hit the ground running in 2016, awarding himself a comfortable 43-point championship lead after just four races, a gap which Hamilton has now reversed on the back of six wins since achieved since Monaco.

“For me, I just live the life the way I want to live it and there’s not a day goes by that I regret living it,” Hamilton told the media last weekend, justifying his is approach to racing and life in general.

“I really believe that you never know when it’s your last day so the most important thing is to enjoy and embrace whatever opportunity it is that you have ahead of you and if you’ve got set goals put everything into it.

Indeed, Hamilton even dispensed a few words of advice to the members of media about dealing with the long awaited summer break.

“Along the way you’ve still got to enjoy. You guys, I don’t know if you’re all going to be on the break as well but you’ve got to make sure you enjoy this period of time, whether it’s with your families or with your friends.

“Life’s too short to not be happy and the things that I do is what makes me happy. It might not make any of you happy doing what I do but I’m pretty sure you’d have an amazing time if you came with me wherever it is I go!”

Unfortunately, the advice fell short of Hamilton inviting everyone on his summer holiday…

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