Gregory Helms Seriously Hurt, Sable Added To WWE Alumni, New Signee, More

partial source:

Sources in WWE have confirmed that Gregory Helms has a major neck injury, perhaps a break. They’re saying he’s visiting Dr. Lloyd Youngblood on Thursday and may be the next person in line for neck fusion surgery.

WWE has added Rena “Sable” Mero to their WWE Alumni section. You can see her profile page here, which includes some never-before-seen pictures.

According to the official UPW website, WWE has signed a person by the name of Mariusz Puczko to a developmental contract. He looks to be another bodybuilder type.

As of 5/16, The Condemned has taken in $7,258,433 worldwide.

News on the former WWE star WWE ORDERED J.R. not to mention in his blog ever again (>>)

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