Formula 1 scraps 2021 tyre blanket ban

Tyres will remain warm and snug in their blankets in 2021, with F1 postponing a ban on the devices that was expected to accompany the introduction of 18-inch wheels.

The loss of tyre blankets was seen by Pirelli and the teams as an added technical challenge for 2021, when the sport transitions to its new-spec wheels and tyres.

To ease the changes, Pirelli has successfully argued in favour of a tyre blanket delay.

“In 2021 we have big changes”, Pirelli F1 boss Mario Isola told

“We have a new car, a new aero package, we have new tyres, a new size and so on. The idea is to have a transition and remove the blankets, but over a period of time.

“So in 2021 we keep the blankets, in order to have a reference, and then step-by-step we will go in that direction of not having them.”

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Isola insisted there had been no opposition to the idea from F1’s teams despite the latter having to invest in new blankets adapted to the 18-inch tyres.

“When we discussed it, I don’t remember any strong opposition,” he added.

“The discussion was quite clear and transparent, analysing the pros and the cons of the decision, and we agreed that it is beneficial for the sport to continue, and have this transition.”

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