Formula 1 – a ‘gladiatorial’ sport – wants to rename the Halo!

Formula 1’s team bosses apparently have an issue with the ‘Halo’ cockpit safety device set for a mandatory introduction in 2017: its name!

The safety component has been decried by fans and many within F1 since its emergence a year ago, and even more so since the announcement of its mandatory presence on cars from next season.

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The FIA has enforced its controversial decision however, and now team bosses want to change its name, with a discussion on the matter put on the agenda of F1’s next Strategy Group meeting scheduled for November 7.

“We’re supposed to be a gladiatorial sport, and then we give the device an angelic name,” a senior F1 source told

“We have various options [for a new name], but it could be something like ‘safety cage’.”

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‘Safety cage’ is certainly a straightforward and simple terminology, although if F1 is indeed ‘gladatorial’ – a word synonymous with exciting and brave combats – one could argue that the very presence of the Halo rather defeats the purpose.

Unfortunately, that argument was put to rest a long time ago…

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