Former Amazon boss in Mexico suspected of ordering hitman to murder ex-wife

Ex-Amazon Mexico CEO, Juan Carlos Garcia, is chief suspect in the murder of his former wife, according to local media. 

Abril Pérez Sagaón, an e-commerce businesswoman, was travelling in a car with her lawyer and two teenage sons in Mexico City on Monday when a motorcycle pulled alongside and its rider fired two shots into the vehicle, hitting her in the head and chest. She died in hospital later that night. 

The murder occurred on the same day the Mexican government vowed to introduce a “zero tolerance” policy on violence against women in a country where an average of 10 women are killed every day.

At the time of her death, Pérez Sagaón was seeking to have Mr Garcia put on trial after he allegedly assaulted her in January. 

She claimed that only the presence of her son, who allegedly found Mr García holding a knife to her throat, saved her life on that occasion.

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After that attack, Pérez Sagaón moved to Monterrey and filed for divorce, gaining custody of the couple’s three children.

But a criminal court concluded that Mr García should not be accused of attempted murder, regarding the incident as a case of domestic assault and releasing the executive from custody. 

“I fear for my life,” Pérez Sagaón had told Judge Federico Mosco González. Mr García is now being sought for questioning over the murder, but he is reportedly missing from his home.

A relative of the victim who did not wish to be identified told the newspaper El País that Pérez Sagaón’s family is convinced that her former husband was behind the killing: “He had the money to pay a hitman. The attack was directed solely at her, and she had no other enemy in this world.”

The victim’s daughter, Ana Cecilia, said on Twitter that her mother had died “after years of fighting against the violence inflicted on her by my father”, linking to another tweet with images of Mr García under the words “the face of a murderer”.

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