FIA developing F1 engine sound generator

In a bid to increase the muffled sound of current F1 power units, the FIA is looking to introduce a ‘sound generator’.

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The governing body already mandated the use of extra tailpipes at the start of 2016 in order to increase the noise of this year’ crop of Grand Prix cars.

The device currently developed in collaboration with the teams by the FIA will supposedly elevate the decibel count even more.

“The results so far have been very good,” said FIA engine chief Fabrice Lom. ” “We use the exhaust gases, even though this is limited because of the recovered energy.”

Lom also insisted on the fact that the “intensity and quality” of the engine’s voice was substantially improved.

In Barcelona recently, questioned about the noise increase, F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone admitted the sound had gotten better, but that more enhancement was necessary.

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