Explanation For Why WWE Waited To Announce Umaga's Wellness Policy Violation

According to an article published on The Sun website this morning, World Wrestling Entertainment waited a few days to announce Umaga’s second violation of the company’s Wellness Program “due to the unusual nature of Umaga’s termination.”

Since this was the first time WWE had dealt with the termination of a talent due to Wellness-related issues, the company delayed the announcement so they could review their policy and make the call on how to publicly handle the issue.

Some may note that Chris Masters was let go by WWE while he was serving a suspension in November 2007. He was announced as suspended and was one week into serving it when the company opted to release him from his contract. The circumstances involving Umaga are completely different, thus making him the first talent to be released completely due to Wellness-related issues.

To read The Sun’s article, click here.

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