Exit polls: 98 percent of black women voted for Jones

Exit polls from Tuesday’s Alabama Senate election show that an overwhelming number of African-American men and women supported Democrat Doug Jones, helping push him to an historic win in the deep-red state.

The Washington Post’s exit poll showed that 98 percent of black women supported Jones. Black women made up 17 percent of overall voters.

White women, a 31 percent share of voters, supported GOP candidate Roy Moore. Exit polls showed 63 percent of white women supporting Moore and 34 percent backing Jones.

The exit poll found that 93 percent of black men voted for Jones, while the biggest group to support Moore was white men, who made up 35 percent of the vote. More than seven in 10 white men, 72 percent, said they voted for the GOP candidate.


African-American voters in general supported the Democratic candidate, with 96 percent saying they voted for Jones. That number is slightly higher than the 95 percent who supported former President Obama in his reelection campaign in the state in 2012.

Meanwhile, Jones had twice as much support — 30 percent — from white voters as Obama did in 2012.

Moore, who faced numerous allegations of sexual misconduct — including that he sexually assaulted a teenage girl decades ago — was a controversial candidate before the accusations were reported, based on his history as a state Supreme Court judge, including his past statements condemning homosexuality and saying that Muslims should not be allowed to serve in the Senate.

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