Evolution News: Attendance, Flair/Lynch, Merch, Production & More

Last Sunday night’s WWE Evolution ended up being a sell-out, with over 11,000 fans in attendance.
There was reportedly a pitch before The PPV to have Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair close the show, but Vince McMahon wanted Ronda Rousey vs. Nikki Bella to end the show and so that is what happened.
WWE sold a lot of exclusive merchandise at last Sunday night’s show and all of the talent had brand new t-shirts, according to PWInsider.com. Because of the theme being an All-Women’s PPV, the company chose not to sell any merchandise of male wrestlers.

The live audience was said to be made up of a greater percentage of women than usual WWE shows and the general description of the audience was that they were not as “smart” as most WWE PPV audiences. The company also chose not to run any advertisements or promos for this weekend’s Crown Jewel PPV.
While WWE employed the regular PPV production crew, it was said to be much smaller in scale due to the fact that some personnel was needed to head to Charlotte, North Carolina for last night’s RAW set up. Because Evolution was announced much later than most WWE PPVs, it was not possible for the company to secure a venue closer to Charlotte to make travel between the two cities easier for its crew.
Nikki Bella was shown grabbing her neck at the end of Evolution but she was not hurt and was said to be fine backstage.

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