Evan Bourne's Foot Injury Is Career Threatening, The Miz Snaps Losing Streak

— The Miz’s victory over Zack Ryder on Monday’s Raw SuperShow snapped his eleven match losing streak in televised singles bouts. His last prior singles victory took place on the December 5 Raw in a count-out win over Randy Orton.

— Bret Hart headlines UCW’s Summer Explosion III event at the Halifax Forum in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada on June 30. Other talent appearing include Leo Burke, “The Genius” Lanny Poffo, Hurricane Helms, Chavo Guerrero, JP Simms and “Wildman” Gary Williams.

— Evan Bourne sustained a midfoot fracture dislocation in an undisclosed accident last week as his foot was broken in four spots and dislocated in five. According to the official website of Silverman Ankle & Foot Practice, his injury, also known as a LisFranc fracture dislocation, is a career threatening injury to athletes, even when treated well.

The website says, “It is unknown whether or not Bourne will return to wrestling after this injury but one thing is certain – it’s going to be a long road to recovery.”

Photos – Evan Bourne’s mangled foot in pins

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