Eric Bischoff Comments on WWE Possibly Turning Roman Reigns Heel

Eric Bischoff recently appeared on After 83 Weeks and discussed the return of Roman Reigns to WWE. Reigns came back to the company on February 25, following a four month battle with leukemia.

The Big Dog returned to a hero’s welcome and has been a crowd favorite over the past two weeks. But Bischoff suggested that WWE could use Roman’s heroic fight with cancer and actually turn the former world champion heel.

“If you talk about an underdog story, there’s nothing more bada** than cancer on the face of this earth. And for a guy to come out of that, especially for a guy like Roman Reigns, the way he went out and all the passion and the emotion that went with him when he went off and said look, I’ve gotta take care of this–they’ve got an abundance of great stuff there, just raw materials. Now what they do with those raw materials, we’ll find out.

If they decide to go another way with that, it could be highly, highly controversial and you’d have people probably losing their minds over on social media.”

While there has been no indication that Roman will go heel, the fact is that anything could happen in WWE. No one really expected Dean Ambrose to turn on the night that Roman left in 2018, but that’s exactly what happened.

But common sense says that WWE has pushed Reigns as the top babyface for so long that it’s hard to believe that would change now. The crowd is finally reacting the way that the company wants them to and it’s unlikely that WWE would just let that go.

Reigns is reuniting with Ambrose and Seth Rollins as The Shield against Baron Corbin, Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre at Fastlane on March 10.

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