EC3 Describes His Pre-Match Rituals, Experiencing Setbacks, His Future reader Victor Macias of the Male Standard website sent along the following highlights of a new Ethan Carter III (EC3) interview:

On when he realized he wanted to become a pro wrestler: “I think every professional wrestler has that ah-ha moment, it’s like a calling. That call came from my aunt, Dixie Carter, she actually called me one day and said, “Hey, ever think about being a wrestler? You’re so athletic and good looking, wouldn’t it be perfect for you?” and I was like, “You’re right.” Next thing you know, I’m the best thing ever.”

On setbacks he’s experienced along the way: “Everyone has strife of apprehensions, things that doesn’t always go according to plan. Not all victories are easy; I’ve had to work at a couple of them. Being undefeated, it’s hard. Especially when getting my head bashed in by Bully Ray with a trashcan and bleeding all over the place or suffering a torn bicep and having to work through that with a giant arm brace but through it all, I’ve remained undefeated.”

On his pre-match rituals: “I try to be regimented; everything is almost a sociopathic standard of perfection. 5 minutes on the jumping of the rope, nice facial cleanser and herbal moisturizer on the skin. Ill go over to see my masseuse Helga, after that, go to the spa, feeling good, maybe do a couple push-ups, squats, sipping Perrier water. The whole time I have classical music playing to relax. My music hits, best music in the business, I walk out backward, and I win, it’s all good.”

On what we can expect from him in the future: “Well you know, I’m sitting here; the crew and me are punching in numbers and looking at the polls and it’s about 83% in the EC3 favor, which is good but we’re not going to know until Election Day a.k.a my first title shot. In the future, I’m predicting I win world heavyweight championship. I hold it for 4-8 years, probably 8-10. The whole time I’ll have challenges and someone might give me a run for my money but about 10 years later I will still be the champion, probably retire, then go on to pursue my political career.”

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