Drew McIntyre's Future On SmackDown, Scott Stanford Rips Jeremy Borash

– Sources have confirmed that the current plan is for Drew McIntyre to make his return to SmackDown this week after being fired last week. RAW GM John Lauranaitis is set to be in charge of SmackDown as part of this week’s GM switch, and he is expected to rehire McIntyre.

There has been talk that McIntyre will be getting a new “playboy” gimmick soon.

– WWE announcer Scott Stanford took a few shots at TNA announcer Jeremy Borash on Twitter over the weekend. When a fan told Stanford, “You’re no Jeremy Borash!”- Stanford replied:

“Thats insulting, hurtful and…wait, who is that?”

After getting some backlash from Borash fans, Stanford later followed up with:

“Im sure Jeremy is better than me in whatever he does.. I dont know who he is or what he does! I know he cant out rap me!!”

“Apparently my not knowing who someone on a tv show has caused a little stir. I dont know who this season’s Bachelor is either!! Whoops”

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