Drean Bolivar had a luxury premiere

The six times argentine A1 champion was presented by his famous owner, Marcelo Tinelli, this Thursday in an innovative technology deployment premiere.   




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The Eagles showed a renewed look between hundreds of guests, managers, sponsors, and media. The ESPN journalist Alejandro Coccia welcomed everyone and asked Javier Weber to deliver some insights about the new team. Then, proposed him to build his dream team with a video game specially created for the event, through which, the National team coach chose the players and put together a sextet in the virtual court.

Through a misty curtain provided by special effects, appeared the protagonists, led by captain Gabriel Arroyo: Javier Filardi, Gaston Giani, Augusto Bruno, Franco Lopez, Pablo Crer, Sebastián Solé, Esteban Martinez, Mauro Llanos, Edgardo Lioca, Sebastian Deppiaggi, Rodrigo Yacuzzi, Serbian Vladimir Jekic, and Brazilians Thiago Gelinsky and Evandro Guerra. Weber also included in the team his own son Martin, libero of U-19 national team.

The coach also presented his assistants: Carlos Getzelevich, Marcelo Silva, Dr. Gabriel Solari, Genaro Lopez, Ronaldo Finotti, Lic . Carlos Trolla, Dr . Giacomo Piccirili, Dario Oliva, Walter Alfonso and Horacio Garcia.

For the video game (called Pro Evolution Volley), athletes underwent several sessions of work in a digital 3-D movie studio: motion sensors captured their movements. The designers also created a digital version of José Domeño Stadium through pictures collected.

Marcelo Tinelli, the most famous TV show personality in Argentina said “it is a pleasure to race for the tenth consecutive season” and made a reference to the prosperous present of the argentine volleyball, ranked among the World top 8 professionally and number one in Young and Junior levels. Also announced that the team plans to schedule an international competition ( World Challenge Club Volleyball Cup) in Irvine, United States -between 22 and 30 September- .

With the confirmation of 12 participating squads, Drean Bolívar´s Argentine League debut will be on October 6 against Catamarca Volleyball. Between November 24 and December 10, will play in the ACLAV Cup.

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