Del Rio's Leverage Behind The Scenes, More On Sara Del Rey's Signing

– There continues to be buzz behind the scenes in WWE about the signing of Sara Del Rey and how she has a different look than what WWE typically goes for in their Divas. She works a more serious in-ring style than most of the WWE roster (most similar to Beth Phoenix) and could be used as an opponent of Kharma.

Aside from Del Rey having a different look than the barbie dolls WWE gravitates towards, she is also older than the usual Diva signing at 31 years old.

– Alberto Del Rio is expected to receive a big push this year for a number of reasons. Aside from the lack of roster depth on SmackDown, Del Rio has said publicly on several occasions that he does not plan to wrestle for many more years.

Especially since WWE’s other Mexican stars have their own baggage (Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara), Del Rio is perceived as having leverage behind the scenes and will be taken care of accordingly.

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(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

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