Cuneo will challenge Trentino

Montichiari was close to the historical achievement of the club. Cuneo turned around the series in the third game, in the last two games Cuneo did not allow single set to Montichiari.

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Cuneo came back from the dead after some poor performances by its usual standards in the first two games. Indeed, it went on a decisive three-games winning streak to go through to the semi finals, where Cueno will meet Trentino. Difficult to say whether the 25-9 inflicted by Montichiari unlocked Prandi´s team or if it the pride of the northern team that made the difference. One thing is for sure, Gavotto and co came out of Cuneo´s gym with a massive disappointment and bitterness for having been so closed to a historic semi final.

Vladimir Nikolov (Bre Banca Lannutti Cuneo): “We are happy with the qualification. We will face Trento in the semis, my ex team, but I´ll think about that tomorrow. Physically we are in good form. This means that the more we´ll stay on court against Trento the more we will have a chance to go far”.

Mauro Berruto (Acqua Paradiso Gabeca Montichiari): “First of all, I´d like to congratulate my team for the season it played, we have to be proud. Cuneo played as a great team in the last two games. It was solid in attack and exceptional on the serve. Our biggest disappointment has to be for game 3. We could have done more on that occasion”.

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