Couple loses baby in car accident on the way to hospital for his birth

A Texas family is in mourning this week after a young married couple lost their unborn son in a tragic car accident while driving to the hospital for his birth.

High school sweethearts and newlyweds Jessica Mitchell, 20, and Justin Mitchell, 23, of East Texas were over the moon to meet their first child and become a family of three, relatives told local media.

But as they were driving to a hospital in Sulphur Springs where doctors planned to induce a heavily pregnant Jessica, their car flipped when Justin swerved to avoid a branch then ran off the road and lay in a ditch for more than an hour, local media KWTX reported.

Emergency services rushed the couple to the hospital, Jessica with a broken arm, leg and neck and Justin with a broken pelvis and hip.

Doctors operated on Jessica for four hours and performed an emergency cesarean but were unable to save the baby boy, who was stillborn.

The Mitchells named him Sebastian before they were moved to intensive care.

The couple remain in the hospital and are continuing to mourn the death of their son, sharing pictures of them holding the child’s body on Facebook Tuesday.

In one comment, Justin’s mother wrote: “Our baby boy is perfect and in Heaven.”

Photos on Facebook show the pair holding Sebastian in their hospital beds, Jessica wearing a neck brace.

“He looked like his mom and had his daddy’s nose,” Jessica’s adopted mother, Brenda Mize, told KWTX. “We did get to hold him for a little while and spend time with him.

“It’s just a really hard situation, and these kids need love and prayer.”

In an emotional Facebook post, Jessica revealed the couple saw each other for the first time in almost a week on Monday before she was moved to a rehabilitation facility on Tuesday.

“We both have a long way to go, but I know with the prayers we are getting and the emotional support we have we will get there! Just continue to pray for us.

“Today I sat up for almost 5 hours in a chair in Justin’s room and got to have lunch with him! He does need prayers.. the place they put an IV in has become infected, pray this heals and doesn’t become anything more than it already is.”

Justin lost his wedding ring in the crash but in another Facebook post, Jessica revealed family scouring the crash site were thankfully able to recover it.

“God continues to watch over us and show us he has us in his hand everyday,” she wrote.

A GoFundMe has been set up for the couple, who don’t have health insurance to help cover their medical costs. Nine thousand dollars has been raised so far.

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