Chris Jericho On How Ronda Rousey Will Do at WrestleMania, How Her Tag Team Match Should Be Booked

Chris Jericho recently spoke with MMA star Chael Sonnen on Sonnen’s “Beyond the Fight” show, and during the brief interview, which you can watch above, Sonnen asks Jericho about Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania 34. Specifically, Sonnen asks Jericho if Rousey can learn what she needs to learn in time for her tag team match in New Orleans, and Jericho thinks she can. Below is more of what Y2J had to say:

“Wrestling is all show business. We control everything – who wins, who loses, the match, whatever it may be. And if you look at some of the great matches involving celebrities of all time, Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Lawrence Taylor, Floyd Mayweather vs. Big Show, you’ll see those. I mean, Mr. T back in the day, it wasn’t classics, but they don’t have to be.

”Here’s how you put together a great WrestleMania. It’s a variety show. Here are your matches that have a chance to be 5-stars, here’s your matches just to get everybody on the card that have no chance of being great matches, you’re just putting everybody on the show, and then here are your attraction matches. Here’s your Brock vs. Roman, here’s your Angle and Ronda vs. Triple H and Stephanie. They can put together the match any way they want. All they have to do is just put it together so she has one or two spots that really pop and mean something. The rest is all dog and pony show, show business. A) she’s an athlete, B) she’s a wrestling fan, and C) she wants to do this. She’s going to be fine. Is it gonna be a classic? Doesn’t need to be. Maybe next year, if it’s her vs Charlotte, at WrestleMania for the Women’s Title, or something along those lines, then there’s a lot more pressure for her to have a classic match.”

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