Change to Backlash Match, Kane Thanks Supporters, Burke Backstage

The feud between AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura has gone from a respectful rivalry to a brutally personal one over the past month. After their last match at the Greatest Royal Rumble ended in a double countout, the two will be wrestling each other once again at the Backlash pay-per-view this Sunday with the WWE Championship on the line. In order to determine a decisive winner once and for all, General Manager Paige announced on Smackdown last night that the WWE Championship match at Backlash will now be a no-disqualification match. The Backlash pay-per-view will be taking place at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey this Sunday night.

Per #SDLive General Manager @RealPaigeWWE, @AJStylesOrg will defend the @WWE Championship against @ShinsukeN at #WWEBacklash…in a NO DISQUALIFICATION MATCH!
— WWE (@WWE) May 2, 2018

Wrestling fans will always known Glenn Jacobs as Kane no matter what, but the WWE veteran has been competing in the ongoing mayoral race in Knox County, Tennessee over the past few months. Kane’s campaign secured a major victory last night when it was revealed that he won the mayoral primary by just seventeen votes. Kane has since thanked all of his supporters on social media and has stated that he will continue to run until the general election this fall. Although Kane won the primary last night, it has since been noted that 43 provisional ballets need to be looked over. Fans will know whether or not Kane will be moving on in the election for sure later on this week.

Thanks to everyone who helped win this historic victory!! The people who cast a ballot for me, my great team, my wonderful volunteers. Looking forward to VICTORY in the general election!
— Glenn Jacobs (@GlennJacobsTN) May 2, 2018

Glenn, along with his family, volunteers and supporters declare victory in a hard-fought Knox County Mayoral race this evening. Together we won! Tomorrow, we move forward.
— Glenn Jacobs (@GlennJacobsTN) May 2, 2018

It looks like another former WWE Superstar was backstage during last night’s Smackdown/205 Live show. Elijah Burke has revealed on Twitter that he was backstage for Smackdown last night at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Canada. Burke competed for WWE from 2006-2008 primarily as a member of the ECW brand. He later went competed in TNA/Impact Wrestling as D’Angelo Dinero before leaving the promotion last summer. Burke was also backstage during a recent Smackdown show on April 24th. It will be interesting to see if these appearances from Burke are just a case of him visiting some of his old friends, or if they mean a bit more than they appear to lead on.

So cool seeing @TheRock again @wwe Smackdown Live. I didn’t imagine that I’d be physically bigger than him but as I understand he’s slimming for a new movie role. Class act! Nonetheless anytime you have your picture taken with greatness you must share it with the world. ~PHS
— Elijah Burke (@DaBlackPope) May 2, 2018

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