Champions League: Dinamo defended itself against a disaster

Dinamo Moscow claimed its third match this Champions League season and saved chances in order to qualify to play-off round. This time, Dinamo overcame Fenerbahce Istanbul, however, it was not a convincing victory and the Turkish champion could have won as well. PGE Skra Belchatow stamped triumph in pool E, hence, playoff promotion via beating Tomis Constanta in three straight sets.

Dinamo Moscow – Fenerbahce Istanbul 3 – 1 (24-26, 25-23, 27-25, 25-16)

Dinamo: Grankin 6, Veres 18, Afinogenov 4, Kruglov 20, Markin 12, Krivets 10, Stepanyan (L) and Shcherbinin 9, Shchadilov, Bezrukov, Boldyrev

Fenerbahce: Koy 2, Marshall 16, Tocoglu 7, Miljkovic 24, Dogan 8, Bjelica 9, Hazirol (L) and Basaran

Before the game against Fenerbahce, Dinamo Moscow had just one aim: to get three points because the fulfillment of this condition could have left Dinamo in play to playoffs. Having won 3 – 1, the Russian team came up to this requirement, however, Fenerbahce was extremely close to dispose Dinamo of the Champions League. Dinamo had to cope with the champion of Turkey without Bartosz Kurek, who is still recovering.

‘This was a very difficult match’ says Dinamo head coach Yuri Cherednik and he was right. Dinamo can be pleased by the results because they could have lost in three sets. After losing the first, Dinamo was not able to rise. The Muscovites was committing unforced mistakes in defense, block and attacks while the leaders of Fenerbahce, Miljkovic and Marshall, were doing their best. The Turkish was leading even 22-20, but Koy set a few bad balls which was blocekd (25-23).

The third set was a similar pattern in relation to the second one. Fenerbahce was leading 16-13 and then began the Peter Veres show (he scored 18 points, 62 of efficiency of attack). Dinamo scored 7 points in a row while the Turks took only two. In the end of the set, Fenerbahce aligned the score, however, inefficient attacks by Miljkovic made Dinamo happy (27-25).

In the fourth set, Daniele Bagnoli’s players lost all hope giving up it easily for Dinamo (25-16).

Pavel Kruglov paced Dinamo with 20 points while Ivan Miljkovic top scored for Fenerbahce with 24.


PGE Skra Bełchatow – Tomis Constanta 3 – 0 (25-23, 25-21, 25-11)

Skra: Woicki, Winiarski 15, Plinski, Cupkovic 13, Bakiewicz, Kooistra , Zatorski (L) and Boninfante, Wdowiak, Mackowiak 1

Tomis: Gonzalez, Terzic, Stancu, Bojic, Markuszev, Bojovic, Samardzic (L) and Lanza, Borota

PGE Skra Belchatow won its fifth consecutive game in the 2013 Champions League beating Tomis Constanta 3 – 0 at Atlas Arena in Lodz. The Poles confirmed the first place in pool E.

Skra Belchatow started in extreme composition without injured Mariusz Wlazly, Aleksandar Atanasijevic and Karol Klos, who was eliminated by personal problems. As it occurred, it did not influenced Skra’s play. Except the first set, when Javier Gonzalez was doing havoc in Skra by his unpredictable sets and Marko Bojic’s successful spikes, Belchatow controlled the game. Tomis was closed to defend the first set-ball, but Wytze Kooistra got a point with a lucky attack.

In the second set, Skra gained a slight scoring advantage and was leading till the first technical time-out (8-6). Then, Tomis even aligned, but not for long because Skra regained the lead and gradually made it bigger and bigger winning (25-21)

The third and the last part of the game was a true show of Konstantin Cupkovic, who was serving perfectly and additionally was taking advantage an extraordinary sets by Dante Boninfante. The new setter of Skra shared balls combinative and he confirmed that he is willing to be the first choice for Skra’s head coach. Tomis Constanta was not able to face Belchatow in particular when Marko Bojic stopped to be efficient. Skra was leading even 14:4 finishing the game 25-11.


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