Chael Sonnen Talks About Trying Out For WCW, McGregor vs. Mayweather

Bellator MMA fighter and former UFC mega-star Chael Sonnen recently appeared as a guest on X-Pac’s 12360 Podcast. Below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On trying out for WCW at the Power Plant: “I went for the tryout, they used to advertise that at Nitro ‘Hey call this number if you want to be a pro-wrestler.’ So I called in one day, told my dad and he got me a ticket and he sends me out there,” Sonnen said. “It was right after my sophomore year in college and it was a tryout. Sarge was still running it, I was in great shape, all American that was in great shape. I can’t tell you how difficult it was. Only me and two other guys made it through while everyone was done the very first day.”

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On the mega-boxing match on Showtime PPV between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Conor McGregor: “Mayweather better win and he better do it really quickly and really dominantly,” Sonnen said. “You got a guy whose never lost at boxing against a guy who has never boxed and if this story ends any other way than absolute destruction and the entire integrity of the sport of boxing takes a huge blow and they cannot afford that right now.”

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