Brian Christopher arrested on DUI charges, Matt Sydal of Impact talks about being reinvigorated in new landscape, MLW War Games in September


PWTorch editor Wade Keller presents a special Thursday Flagship edition of the Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Podcast featuring a WrestleMania 36 Preview with ex-WWE Creative Team member and professional stand-up comedian Matt McCarthy.

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-Brian Christopher Lawler, known as “Grand Master Sexay” and art of the Too Cool tag team in WWE (and the son of Jerry Lawler), was arrested early on the morning of July 7 for DUI. TMZ’s headline says he allegedly ran from police. When police attempted to pull him over, he failed to stop because, according to police, he was trying to make it home. When Lawler finally stopped, police saw an open 12 ounce can of beer in his car and arrested him. TMZ reports he was arrested for running from a hotel bill in Memphis. See the mug shot at

-MLW’s “War Games” event on Sept. 6 now features a two-ring steel cage War Games main event. The event features Low Ki, Pentagon Jr., Rey Fenix, “Filthy” Tom Lawler, Shane “Swerve” Strickland, Sami Callihan, Barrington Hughes, Salina de la Renta, and The Dirty Blondes (w/Col. Parker). More details available at

-Impact Wrestling’s Matt Sydal says he experiences being a pro wrestler differently than he used to. “Not to get too far out there, but the wrestling moves through me,” he told Sporting News’sBrian Fritz. “When I’m out there, it’s not even me who is doing the acting and the wrestling and the moving. It is something that I feel like I see channels more than anything else. So, for me, I tune into the right frequency. I get turned on and we’re ready for take off… I’m just letting things happen and reacting instantaneously,” said Sydal. “I’m not thinking about what could happen. I am in a closed state where I’m just reacting and moving based on my instincts, knowledge, technique and years of experience.” He also talked about the growth of pro wrestling beyond WWE in recent years.  “Wrestling used to be like this — it was this bathtub that we will fill up from only one faucet,” Sydal said. “It was mainly WWE filling the tub of love of wrestling for the entire world. And because of the internet, technology, the interconnectiveness of people and the desire of independent artists to create their own work, this resurgence of wrestling has come up and it’s reinvigorating for me… Wrestling modernized underneath us. The underground movement has surfaced and created a whole circuit. Now the bathtub of wrestling that we’re trying to fill up to the brim with water — it has a WWE faucet, it’s got a New Japan faucet, IMPACT Wrestling, some of these hotter indies, WWN, Evolve, Progress. It’s getting filled from everywhere and all of the water is warm and everybody’s saying come on in and take a bath with us because this is some good, clean fun.” Read more of Sydal’s interview with Fritz HERE.

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